Hi, my name is Jacki Marino, nice to meet you.

My introduction to photography started at the tender age of 5 with my grandfather, H. Dewey (Running Bear) Pounds. Hence my page name. He taught me to look at all things God created with new eye, look, see, view, touch.....wonder. As an American Indian, he was very in touch with nature and proud of what his Creator had given him. With a camera, he captured nature at a moment in time.

To this day, I try to keep his philosophy in mind. Look at the world different, see the beauty and wonder at the magnificents of it's creation. God gave everyting on this earth for man's use. I hope to make Him proud by showing off what He has done. Helping you to see a different side of a waterfall or skyline or the innocence of a baby's smile.

My hope is that you will see these photos and say "oh my, how beautiful". And then of course, purchase it for your own use. But first and foremost, I want to share the beauty of the earth in photography with you, so take your time, enjoy the view, and leave a comment or two. I hope you find something you really like, or need for a gift or project or just want something fun to hang on your wall or classroom.

You may contact me at for something special you don't see here and if you are local to the Morgantown WV area, for photos of children, engaged couples, senior photos and special occasions.

Thank you for visiting Running Bear Photography, come back soon.

Sincerely, Jacki Marino